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Container transport, storage or repair. 

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Overland Container Transportation Services puts you in the driver’s seat even when you’re not behind the wheel. 

At OCTS we take care of the first or final mile so you don’t have to. Whether your cargo is going to rail, truck or sea, OCTS ensures your container is delivered on time. Our process includes picking up or delivering both loaded and empty containers to your customer’s door, returning containers to factories and transporting containers to rail yards for export.  

And if you’re in need of repairs? Minor or major, we’ve got it covered.

Efficient container transportation and storage is crucial to the economy in Western Canada, the Northwest Territories and the entire world. The friendly people behind the desk at OCTS are passionate about helping teams keep track of their cargo so we can all live in a strong, prosperous corner of the planet.  

The OCTS Advantage.

Container delivery, storage and repair - OCTS has the best people in the business closing the loop on your cargo. And now we’ve also got the latest technology on our side. 

Our Customer Portal is a powerful new service that provides up-to-the-minute information on the status of your cargo. The Customer Portal delivers status reports on exactly where your container is so you can plan accordingly. Not only is the Customer Portal easy to use, it’s an advantage that will save you time, money and energy and allow proper planning for unloading. With the Customer Portal, you can watch your cargo arrive on time in, and complete invoices or get equipment fixed - all before you eat breakfast with your family.

OCTS is a proud member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association