What we do.

OCTS is committed to your cargo whether it’s on the move, at rest, or if your container is in need of repair.

1. Container Transport

Drayage services of marine containers to or from specific destinations. We pick up and drop off empty or loaded containers.

2. Container Storage

We store loads or empty containers stacked 5 high in one of three yards in Edmonton and Calgary.

3. Container Repair

Equipment can get damaged In the container transport industry. Containers handled by sea, rail or road find themselves with forklift punctures, jammed door hinges or any other type of unfortunate (but inevitable) wear and tear. We have the resources and personnel to return your container to normal no matter how severe the damage is.

4. Container Scaling Services - OCTS has always been keen on customer service. With our new Top-lift, in our North Edmonton Yard; we now have the ability to provide weight for a container, at your request. Please contact Edmonton Customer Service for more details.

What we don't do.

So we don’t waste your time, here’s a couple of things we don’t do:

  1. We don’t own, sell or rent containers.
  2. We’re not a moving company or a freight broker.

If you are looking for these services, we work with and can certainly recommend companies to assist you.